Getting Started with SalesCoachCentral

David PenglaseHi, I'm David Penglase, founding director of SalesCoachCentral and as you can see, we're currently redeveloping SalesCoachCentral to make it an even more valuable experience for you and your salespeople.

A Bit Of Background

SalesCoachCentral was launched in 2006 as an annual subscription membership site with the clear intention to help sales managers and their sales teams access resources to help them build their skills and success in winning more new, repeat and referral sales.

Over the next decade, globally, more than 2,000 sales managers and their sales teams subscribed as members.

However, last year I decided that it was time to upgrade and rethink ways for SalesCoachCentral to be able to make a positive difference and be of even more value for sales managers and their sales teams.

While we are resetting, you can still have FREE access

While not all resources are now available, the best way to get started is (when you've finished reading here) to hit the 'Home' button on the left above, and just START CLICKING on the links that are of most interest to you right now, and see what you can discover to boost your sales success.

I know you'll still find real value here, and of course, if you'd like to chat to me in person, send me an email -

For now, my very best to you and enjoy the resources.

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