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David PenglaseHi, I'm David Penglase, founding director of SalesCoachCentral and I'd like to personally welcome you... especially if you are a first-time visitor here.

I know you're going to gain great value!

A Bit Of Background On Our Free Access

SalesCoachCentral was launched in 2006, and up until October 2013, all of our world-class sales building tips, tools and resources were only accessible if you paid an annual membership subscription of $425.

After almost seven years with up to 2,000 active members, (you do the math!), I decided to provide free access to the majority of the information-based resources on SalesCoachCentral.

Why? Quite simply because I can afford to, and more importantly, because I wanted to provide the resources to even more salespeople who potentially couldn't afford the price of annual membership.

So let's get you started

The best way to get started is (when you've finished reading here) to hit the 'Home' button on the left above, and just START CLICKING on the links that are of most interest to you right now, and see what you can discover to boost your sales success.

You're going to be amazed at just how much value and information you'll discover on SalesCoachCentral.

An Invitation

You'll notice you don't have to even provide me with your contact details to access SalesCoachCentral... but I know you will gain even more value if you register to receive my fortnightly SalesCoachTips newsletter... it will keep you energised, and give you specific ideas you can put into place every fortnight to boost your sales success as well.

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As a bonus for registering to receive our SalesCoachTips newsletter, you will also receive our popular 7 module Sales Mastery 'Mini-Course' Video Program, delivering one module each day for 7 days... you'll learn heaps and gain great value.

And What About The Sales Leaders Alliance Gold Membership?

In September 2014 we launched The Sales Leaders Alliance Gold Membership.

This is not for salespeople... it's offered only to business owners, sales managers, in-company sales coaches, business/practice development managers, in-company sales trainers and small business coaches.

If that sounds like you, and you'd like to be part of a growing community of leaders, helping each other to save time, save money, reduce the stress that often comes with a sales 'leadership/coaching' role, and if you'd like to remove salespeople's excuses for not achieving their potential, and of course, if you're looking to increase sales, increase client retention and increase referrals, I invite you to take a serious look at what's on offer.

For now, my very best to you and enjoy the resources.

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