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Hi, David Penglase here founding director of

Let's get right to the point ... three of the biggest issues facing most salespeople and business owners today are:

#1: How do I differentiate and compete other than on price?

#2: How do I create more new, repeat and referral sales?

#3: How can I solve the first two issues without working ridiculous hours and avoid taking the 'sales stress' into my personal life?

Take a moment now and CLICK HERE to register to receive my free 7 Part Sales Mastery Video Program and you'll be well on your way to solving these three key issues for yourself.

And when you're ready to take the free tour, you'll learn that I've created SalesCoachCentral so that members have unlimited 24/7 downloadable access to pretty much all of the research, tools, on line learning and resources that I've created and used to successfully coach salespeople from top tier national and multi-national corporations as well as business owners in micro, small and medium size businesses as well.

Annual membership is $47 monthly
Nothing more to pay and you get
unlimited 24/7 access to all resources!

When you join, you will receive unlimited 24/7 access to well over $6,000 worth of valuable sales building tips, strategies, and can check out the list below to get a better idea of the value - and like all our members, I know you'll be impressed!

Membership includes personal one-on-one on-line coaching access to me, not computer generated answers. You can do this via the Ask The Experts on line sales coaching centre that personally connects you to me so you can get real answers and advice on your questions or sales strategies.

Monthly Live To Air
Open Mentoring Webinars

Our monthly live to air, Open Mentoring Webinars provides you with the opportunity for personal mentoring. Usually held on the fourth Monday monthly at 12:00noon, I am available for members only to dial into GoToWebinar and ask me questions to help build more confidence and success in sales.

You'll be able to see my screen and listen to me live, as I share with you the resources you need to help you win more new, repeat and referral sales.

Outside of this opportunity on SalesCoachCentral for members only, my personal executive mentoring rates, (depending on the executive mentoring program being accessed), start at $1,500 and up to $3,000 an hour.

Despite many repeated requests by non-members to access these webinars, our SalesCoachCentral monthly Open Mentoring Webinars are strictly open only to our members.

Our Ask The Experts Recorded Webinar Series

As a member, you can also access our recorded webinars series. Here you'll find a great line up of professional speakers, coaches, consultants and experts across a wide range of disciplines - presenting via recorded webinars to help you build your skills, confidence and success.

You don't want gimmicks
or ridiculous pushy techniqes!

One of the big issues I see many salespeople face is the sales training that they're often subjected to is full of 'old school' manipulative and pushy techniques that are designed to corner and pressure or trick people into buying.

Or the sales process they're being asked to implement is too restrictive and structured and in reality (despite what their sales manager hopes) any self respecting salesperson isn't ever going to really put into practice.

If that sounds true for you, you'll find the sales tips, resources, philosophy and process on SalesCoachCentral to be a breath of fresh air.....and most importantly, you'll be proud to implement and integrate it to make it your own.

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There's no risk
You've got my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Please be assured that this is not an untested resource and the value you will receive is guaranteed.

I’ve been personally coaching and training business owners, sales managers and sales professionals to win more new, repeat and referral business for almost two decades across a range of industries in small, medium, large and multi-national companies......and in 2008 I was privileged to be inducted into the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) Speaker Hall of Fame - the most prestigous award in the professional speaking industry. was launched in 2007 and we are continuing to build more value, resources and access to the wisdom of leading experts through our Ask The Expert Panel.

Our members continue to provide us with fantastic feedback on the value they receive and the results they are achieving (see our member feedback and testimonials below).

So to further put you at ease in making the decision to join as a member, I give you my personal Money Back Guarantee.

That's right! If after 30 days you can demonstrate to me that you have completed all of our recommendations on how to gain the most value out of your membership, and you still don't believe you have had access to an incredible range of sales learning resources, I will refund your membership investment in full.

There is no other sales coaching,
learning and development approach in the market today
that can offer the value that you will receive
as a member of SalesCoachCentral®.com!

My very best to you

David Penglase

If you're a Sales Manager and would like more information about SalesCoachCentral®.com for your sales team, or to learn more about our Sales Mastery Mentor Programs, call me on my direct line for more information +61 2 9529 6201 or please click here to contact us with any questions you still have

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What members say...

"SalesCoachCentral is a fantastic and unique coaching and training tool that is limitless in its potential to get individual salespeople to be more effective and proactive in their day to day selling. It has also equipped sales managers to provide their team with ongoing support and resources to challenge individual and develop their ongoing success." Alison Nolan, Gunz Dental Australia

"SalesCoachCentral is a revolutionary approach to understanding and building a sales team’s effectiveness. It is a content rich website that enables individual members of the sales team to access information, ideas and support on an enormous range of topics – anywhere they have internet access, at any hour of the day or night. The breadth and depth of information ensures that there is information and solutions for different ways of learning – including audio files and MP3 downloads. With a resource of this calibre, at an organisation’s fingertips, there is no doubt that it will significantly increase the performance and results of their business." Fiona Pearman, Managing Director, Brand Management Strategies

"Through my positive experiences with David Penglase and the resources available on SalesCoachCentral I am now unashamedly an advocate of the man, his ethical process and the tools he has made available. I have used SalesCoachCentral to review and challenge my conceptual understanding of the selling process. That I can log in whenever I need to is particularly important ... the quick 5 minute refresh between client appointments has been quite valuable. The variety of delivery is also something I find rewarding ... can close the eyes and open the mind when I truly listen and reflect." Dan Smith, Principal Adviser, Plan2Prosper

"SalesCoachCentral is an easily accessed, intuitive, mutli-sensory web site providing real-time process focused practical sales strategies and tips that make sense and a real difference when applied. Learning must be a process to have a sustainable impact on the individual... this is one of the many benefits of the site in that it complements the face-to-face program by extending the learning experience through giving control to the adult learner about when, where and how they learn. From a learning and development perspective, sustaining the required change in behaviours is the 'holy grail'... the philosophy of the site hits the mark in that it focuses on both the selling process and the required behaviours/attitudes that make a sales professional.. it is the ideal site for those who are serious about continually developing as sales professionals... which should be everyone in this industry!" Aldo Boccalatte, National Training and Development Manager, ABN AMRO Morgans Limited

"I’ve found SalesCoach Central to be a fabulous way to re-connect with the basics of selling. Having not long been in a sales role, I like how I am able to track my development across a variety of components (eg. Building rapport, asking the right questions, presenting solutions) and often check in to the Sales Skills Assessment section. I have a much better understanding of my strengths and areas of development. SalesCoachCentral also provides me with the necessary tools to help me develop in those areas.

I would recommend Sales Coach Central to both sales people and sales managers as a valuable tool to help you achieve your sales goals." Matt Ryan, National Development Manager, Matrix Planning Solutions Limited

An Incredibly Vast Range Of Resources
Valued at in excess of $6,000
and all free once you're a member!

As you read through this impressive array of resources, valued at in excess of $6,000 value, remember to keep in mind that everything on the site is FREE to members.

For an investment of $47 monthly for 12 months (or save on our up front annual investment of $425) you will have unlimited 24/7 access to....

Our Monthly Live-To-Air Open Mentoring Webinars

Our Ask The Experts Recorded Webinar Series - covering key topics on how to Find Clients, Win Clients, Keep Clients

Over 1000 web pages with easy to access, content rich and proven effective sales ideas

More than 60 audio programs totalling over 40 hours of entertaining and practical sales tips and strategies, with new audio interviews with leading experts and special sales audio reports being added every month.

Over 80 weekly eCourse modules covering all aspects of how to Find Clients, Win Clients, Keep Clients, Manage Yourself Better and Solve Problems Creatively.

More than 15 Self Assessment Tools to help challenge you to review your current sales and communication skills, with new assessment tools being added regularly.

An increasing selection of ebooks on Selling, Communication & Personal Development written by David Penglase, founding director of SalesCoachCentral®.com and more contributions from our Ask The Expert Panel.

A growing range of Sounding Board Reports to download with a further 200 pages of top tips, challenges and strategies on how to win more new, repeat and referral business....and more reports being sourced, researched, written and added regularly.

30 Specific Sales Competencies to learn, review and develop for more confidence when with prospects and clients.

20 Buyer Obstacles & Objections to relate to your own products and services and how to better manage them when they are raised by prospects and clients.

Ask The Experts Resource Centre where you can ask any question on how to Find Clients, Win Clients, Keep Clients, Manage Yourself Better and Solve Problems Creatively.....and receive a personalised answer within 24 hours.

A vast array of sample forms, letters, and models to help you practically apply the tips, ideas and principles on the job.

A Fortnightly SalesCoachTips© Newsletter to keep you inspired and focused on winning more new, repeat and referral sales.

All of these resources and everything we add to SalesCoachCentral®.com in the future, are designed to be easy to access, simple to apply, and will practically help you to Find Clients, Win Clients, Keep Clients, Manage Yourself Better, and Solve Problems Creatively.

Become a member of SalesCoachCentral®.com.
Your success is worth the investment.

If you're still not convinced of the enormous value that you will gain from becoming a member, please contact us with any questions you still have.

I look forward to welcoming you as our newest member to SalesCoachCentral®.com

If you'd like to chat personally about the value of becoming a member, give me a call on +61 2 9529 6201. To learn more about our successful range of face to face sales training and coaching programs go to

Kind regards and good selling

David Penglase
Founding Director

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