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Manage Me: Do More Indepth Reading and Study

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Book Title: Father Muldoon's Philosophy of The Shoe

Author: David Penglase

Using a clever metaphor to explain how to create success in a range of personal and business situations, you'll enjoy reading and/or listening to ways to create stronger impressions, manage goals, create quality and focus in your life and achieve stronger relationships and success.

The eChapters that relate to the topic "Manage Me" are:

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Book Title: Your Sales Success Volume Two

Author: David Penglase

Building on the success of Your Sales Success Volume One, this offers twelve more special reports to keep you ahead of the pack. This is a book again packed full of the latest sales 'must knows' and reminders of proven truths still essential for successful selling today

the eChapters that relate to the topic "Manage Me" are:

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Book Title: The Essential Selling Series

Author: David Penglase

Drawn from everyday experiences that have prompted the author to consider various selling situations, this is a collection of key ideas, practice principles, strategies and tips that will help you sell more confidently, comfortably, consistently and commercially.

The eChapters that relate to the topic "Manage Me" are:

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